Mai has spent her presenting career moving easily between news, talk shows and hard hitting political interviewing. She is equally at home fronting a radio phone-in, a chat show, fast moving rolling news or grilling a Prime Minister.




"She doesn't flinch from the difficult question, but does it with such charm and subtelety that even the most hardened interviewee can be lulled into thinking they're about to have a cosy chat"

Liverpool Daily Post


Steve Morgan, Former Foreign Media Co-ordinator Al Gore
“I’ve seen a lot of interviewers in the UK and the USA. She can talk to anyone and get them to tell her everything. She’s a serious operator!”

Ashley Pearson, Hollywood columnist, OK magazine & ITV's This Morning
"Hands down one of the best presenters I've ever worked with on either side of the Atlantic. She is smart, funny, savvy and knows her stuff."

Sarah Wright, Creative Director Publicis Consultants
"Political presenters who are both intelligent and sexy, are thin on the ground. Mai is the one lady who can definitely put the Schwing into swingometer."

Peter Law, Former Cabinet Minister Welsh Assembly
“Whenever they asked for a Minister to be interviewed by Mai everyone would take one step back. I always seemed to be the one left standing. Perhaps that’s why I’m not a minister any more.”


"Witty, warm and charming."

".....Rumours suggest more than one politician refuses to be interviewed by Mai. Her questions make politicians squirm and have the capacity to create policy-changing headlines....."